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Green Teams

Green Teams are interactive, educational clubs that empower elementary students and teachers to be good global citizens working to ensure adequate resources for a clean and healthy environment through making changes at their respective schools.


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What is this program? Clubs meet throughout the school year to explore green service learning projects including waste stream reduction, reuse, recycling, composting, energy and water conservation, water quality, restoration and pollution prevention.


How does this program work? During weekly club meetings students work together to develop their knowledge, create a sense of civic responsibility, foster a school environment that emphasizes sustainability while practicing data, monitoring and other important language arts, math and science skills.  Club members create outreach messages to educate and involve the whole school community in sustainability initiatives

Who can participate in this program? 4th and 5th grade students.

Where is this program offered? Green Teams are offered for 25 students at Kings Beach Elementary, Tahoe Lake Elementary, Glenshire Elementary, Truckee Elementary, and Sierra Expeditionary Learning School. 

For more information contact SWEP's Project Director, Ashley Phillips, at

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