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Fisheries Field Day

Students leave the enclosed classroom for the open classroom of the outdoors to learn about local fish through hands-on activities led by SWEP and partner organizations.

Students spend the day traveling from station to station participating in activities like fish printing, fly fishing, studying macroinvertebrates, playing games and learning about habitats and food webs.


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What is this program? Fisheries Field Day is an all day field program at the Historic Fish Hatchery at Pomin Park in Tahoe City that brings 3rd grade students from KBE & TLE together to participate in a series of field stations that teach students about the native fisheries of Lake Tahoe.

How does this program work? Students learn directly from fisheries biologists, conservation specialists, watershed scientists, fly fishers and other experts. Art, science and fun are integrated to make this a unique field trip experience for students.

Who can participate in this program? The program is designed for 3rd graders.

Where is this program offered? Historically, only Kings Beach and Tahoe Lake Elementary Schools have participated. Their locations close to the fish hatchery are ideal. SWEP continues to make proposals to other district elementary schools for this hands-on, experiential science program.

For more information contact SWEP's Project Director, Ashley Phillips, at

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