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Family Science Nights

Family Science Night program is a fun, interactive, and educational evening for families, which complements the school day Science Festival and includes community experts who showcase their work in various STEAM fields.


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What is this program? Family Science Night is about bringing parents and students together through learning about science through experiential exhibits. When the whole family is involved in scientific exploration, there is no limit to excitement and learning. All of this helps to support our teachers with hands-on, messy experiments that they do not have to prepare or clean up.

How does this program work? Families join SWEP staff together with their students in the evening after the Science Festival Assembly to explore the hands-on science experiments together.

Who can participate in this program? All TK-5th graders at participating elementary schools. Siblings welcome!

Where is this program offered? Family Science Nights are offered at: Kings Beach Elementary, Incline Elementary School, Tahoe Lake Elementary School, Truckee Elementary School and Glenshire Elementary School.

For more information contact SWEP's Project Director, Ashley Phillips, at

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