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Truckee River Day

Since 1996, this event has brought together nature lovers every year to celebrate the Truckee River and work on 100s of projects throughout the watershed.


Truckee River Day projects are designed to boost the benefits of large-scale restoration construction that has been completed in the Truckee River Watershed in recent years.

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What is this program? The Truckee River Day is an environmental service day that consists of stewardship efforts on the Truckee River or tributaries ensuring a healthier and cleaner watershed led by our partners at the Truckee River Watershed Council. In the afternoon, SWEP offers a community fair geared towards kids with music, educational outreach, art & science booths and food.

How does this program work? Restoration projects begin at 9am and 11am and are open for all ages and abilities. Activities like spreading native seed, planting willows, mulching, building beaver dams, improving trails and stabilizing streambanks help to recharge groundwater, increase moisture to vegetation that supports critical habitat, and keeps water flowing in our streams later into the dry season.

Who can participate in this program? Truckee River Day and Fair are free events for all ages offered in October.  

Where does the Truckee River Day Fair take place? 

2024 Truckee River Day

Sunday October 20th

Truckee River Day Fair is from 1-4pm

Granite Flat Campground on HWY 89


For more information contact SWEP's Project Director, Ashley Phillips, at

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