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Restoration & Stewardship Day

SWEP inspires students to volunteer at restoration and stewardship days around the Tahoe Basin.


These restoration days are often in partnership with the Truckee River Watershed Council. 

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What is this program? Stewardship days often include trash cleanups, history of the local area, why restoration needs to happen and water quality monitoring.​

How does this program work? Students meet with a field instructor or project leader and engage in restoration work and watershed cleanup for the day. The service learning aspect of this program is one of SWEP's programming hallmarks. 

Who can participate in this program? The program is designed for all grade levels.

Where is this program offered? 

Past sites include:

  • McGiver Meadow

  • Trout Creek

  • Bear Creek

  • Local Sled hills

  • Griff Creek

For more information contact SWEP's Project Director, Ashley Phillips, at

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