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Snow-covered trees

Sagehen Winter Trek

The Sagehen Winter Trek program is an extension to the Sagehen Outdoor Education Program that provides all TTUSD 5th grade students outdoor, place-based, environmental education experience.


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What is this program? Sagehen Winter Trek builds on the existing Sagehen program by providing a winter outdoor education experience that compliments the fall and spring program already in place. Using an adapted version of our Winter Discovery Center program, and resources from our partners at SnowSchool, the Sagehen Winter Trek experience engages students in exploration of concepts in winter ecology and snow science fields.

How does this program work? Students are divided into small groups, and go on an hour and half winter snowshoe trek facilitated by SWEP educators.  During the trek students participate in science and outdoor learning activities designed to promote learning and allow students to experience firsthand the wonder of our winter environment.  


  • Help teach students about nature through engaging, hands-on, direct outdoor experience.

  • Get students outside & physically active!

  • Teach relevant science content aligned with National Science Education Standards

  • Introduce students to Leave No Trace principles

  • Introduce students to citizen science projects and opportunities

  • Connect students to their local environment

Who can participate in this program? This program is tailored to 5th graders.

Where is this program offered? Sagehen Winter Trek takes place in open space (wildlands, or other recreational lands) nearby school sites.

For more information contact SWEP's Project Director, Ashley Phillips, at

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