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Waste Management Outreach & Education

Waste management education is a main element in SWEP sustainability clubs

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What is this program? SWEP makes this trashy topic fun with a game called, "What Goes Where", where students learn and practice what goes in the recycling, paper diversion bags, smart sorting bins, organic waste buckets, and what must go in the landfill.

How does this program work? This education is continued throughout the school year with various lessons on waste: how it is made, where it ends up, etc... and this information is transferred to the rest of the school through school announcements, posters and eye-catching art displays in the entrance to the schools. This outreach helps TTUSD's move towards zero waste through waste reduction and waste diversion initiatives. 

Who can participate in this program? 4th - 8th grade students participating in Sustainability Clubs.

Where is this program offered? Elementary and middle schools where Sustainability Clubs are offered.

For more information contact SWEP's Project Director, Ashley Phillips, at

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