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Trout Creek Restoration Project

Trout Creek, one of the tributaries to the Truckee River, has been the focus of an extensive restoration project. Over the past 150 years Trout Creek became degraded due to development and thus needed to be restored to promote healthy creek beds, protect biodiversity, and reduce pollution in our local riverine system.

SWEP Envirolution Club students recently attended a volunteer event and presentation along a 1 mile stretch of the Trout Creek Restoration Project in downtown Truckee. Eben Swain, Project Director at the River Watershed Council (TRWC), together with engineers from the Town of Truckee, presented an overview to the students regarding the efforts made to restore habitat conditions, improve water quality, and reduce flood risk.

Following the presentation, students conducted a visual assessment survey of the creek, providing data that will be used to monitor the habitat improvements and continued progress of vegetation establishment within the Trout Creek Restoration Project area. Eben gave the students detailed instructions and presented a worksheet outlining specific TRWC survey criteria. This visual assessment was a continuation of a Stewardship Day held in June of 2021, where students conducted water quality monitoring, documented variety of plant life, and picked up litter in the restoration area.

To thank students for their efforts in the Trout Creek Restoration Project, they received ice cream from the Little Truckee Ice Creamery.

This stewardship day was part of a larger restoration project implemented by the Town of Truckee. The goal of this project is to restore Trout Creek to create a healthy fish habitat, increase riparian vegetation and provide flood protection for downtown Truckee. This project is funded by Department of Water Resources (DWR).

Thanks, as always, to our partners, Truckee River Watershed Council, Town of Truckee, Tahoe Water Suppliers, and DWR for supporting SWEP in promoting environmental stewardship.

Thank you to Little Truckee Ice Creamery for the delicious ice cream!


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