Sierra Watershed Education Partnerships (SWEP) is a small, community-oriented non-profit organization based within the Tahoe Truckee Region. We started in 1994 as a small group of parents and teachers...

Missy Mohler

Executive Director



Ashley Phillips

Program Director

Nick Mitchell

Field Instructor

Jenna Granger

Field Instructor

Deena Karuna


Lily Murnane

Intern- North Tahoe High School

Ben Anderson

Intern - Truckee High School

Evan Anderson

Intern - Truckee High School


Tamara Anderson

Board Member Since 2006


At a time when place-based and service learning were new ideas, a few like minded individuals including myself gathered together to form SWEP.  As an educator, I was looking for ways to engage my students in their immediate environment to foster stewardship for our very unique watershed. Our original vision for SWEP has flourished becoming the incredible organization it is today. 

Sally Lyon


Board Member Since 2015

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I joined the SWEP board because I share a passion in educating and empowering children to make a positive difference in our environment. SWEP brings many benefits to our community including collaborating with our local schools and bringing attention to many pertinent environmental issues.

Andrea Batie

Board Member Since 2016


I love the outreach with our local community and their educational programming.

Kirsten Pekarek

Board Member Since 2017


I've been lucky to experience SWEP first-hand and through my children. SWEP's hands-on science, environmental, and sustainability programming empowers our students and community to make real-world changes for our environment. The more our students and community engage with nature and our special watershed, the more likely they will be to protect this beautiful place we call home.

Anne Silvern

Board Member Since 2019


I joined the SWEP Board because I was inspired by the incredible staff and by their passion in making this world a better place through our children. With all of the environmental challenges that exist in our world, SWEP’s programs give our students the tools and the belief that they can and will make a positive impact with their actions and voices.  

Julie Brisbin

Board Member Since 2018

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Bringing environmental awareness and advocacy into the classroom is a passion of mine. SWEP's integrated, creative, and thoughtful approach in delivering science programming to students is unparalleled in our area. Students grasp topics that matter within our local environment, and use their love of their own backyard to tackle larger, more global issues through the lens of SWEP's curriculum.