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Celebrating Earth Day Together Once Again

Updated: Apr 28, 2022

Earth Day is back! Well, it never really left (for SWEP, Earth Day really is everyday), but we sure did miss celebrating it in-person. This year we were together again at Palisades Tahoe highlighting our sustainability club students and the Trashion Show!

Earth Week

Earth Week started out smoothly. Our Green Team & EcoAction club students worked to calculate their carbon footprint and make pledges to take action to reduce their personal greenhouse gas emissions. Our high school Envirolution Clubs were busy preparing for two Trashion Shows....the first they have been able to present in 3 years! But with feet of snow predicted in the forecast for the week, who knew how it would turn out. Would the Trashion Show at Truckee Elementary School happen? Would Earth Day at Palisades be canceled?

Trashion at Truckee Elementary

If we learned anything the last two years, it was how to be flexible, and we had to pull this skill out once again, as Thursday, the day of our scheduled Truckee Elementary Trashion Show, was a mid-April snow day! SWEP, the students and admin, decided to pivot all the organizing to making it happen on Friday. And happen it did!

Truckee Elementary School Green Teamers brought their A-game with their homemade Trashion outfits and overwhelming enthusiasm and the high school Envirolution Club members wowed the elementary schools students with their impressive outfits, high energy, dancing and singing skills and especially their powerful environmental messaging. Roars of applause and cheering were heard throughout the performance. Students left inspired to start doing one thing a day for the planet.

Earth Day at Palisades Tahoe

Between the warm April ground, warming sun and hard work of the Palisades team, the Village was cleared of its three feet of snow just in time for the festivities of Earth Day on Saturday, April 23rd. SWEP worked to educate our community at our food waste reduction table that highlighted the problem of food waste, offered solutions shared by our Green Teamers, and inspired people to reduce food waste and start food waste recycling (composting) at home. This booth was staffed by SWEP board members and excited Green Team members.

At 2pm the Take Care Bear, EcoAction Members and Green Teamers paraded through the Village raising the hype for the Trashion Show. And at 2:15, once again, Truckee High and North Tahoe High students raised the bar for adults and kids to be doing ALL that we can to save the only planet we have to live on, EARTH. Powerful messages rang throughout the village, educating and reminding our community of the importance of immediate and daily action. The audience responded and inspiration for making change rippled from our students' voices to the community.

Thanks to Truckee Tahoe Airport District, Town of Truckee, Truckee Donner Public Utility District, Placer County, Tahoe Truckee Unified School District, Epic Promise and Palisades Tahoe for supporting SWEP Sustainability Club programming and our Trashion Shows.

A special thanks to Paul Mitchell School for providing hair and make-up support for our Trashion Show at Earthday.

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