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Stories of SWEP's Stewardship Impact

As we look ahead and make plans for 2023, we reflect on our journey and would like to share stories of SWEP's continuing stewardship impact:

"Being in SWEP’s High School Envirolution Club was the first spark that fueled my career in environmental studies and ultimately, science education. To this day, I still use tools I learned during my time with SWEP, and as a result, my students benefit and become better environmental stewards. I am still inspired by the work that SWEP does and know that I can turn to their amazing team for mentorship 10+ years later!"

- Robyn B. graduated 2010, Middle School Science Teacher


"SWEP brought me the knowledge to courageously back my passion for the environment. SWEP guided and nurtured the leadership within me to stand up for something that didn’t have a voice of its own- as a young teenager it was hard to find an avenue where you felt you were making an impact and being heard by the adults who run the community. SWEP created a space where youth creativity and commitment had a real shot at rallying the community and changing minds."

- Olivia D. graduated 2013, Alaska Kelp Farmer/Scientist


“The outstanding support from SWEP was a fundamental part of realizing my passion for environmental stewardship. When I joined the Envirolution Club, I discovered a community of students that shared a similar excitement to help the planet. The numerous opportunities SWEP provided allowed me to be a participant in the community and a steward to the environment. Whether it be volunteering at Truckee River Days, connecting with the Tahoe Environmental Research Center, or walking in the Earth Day Trashion Shows, SWEP was there every step of the way."

- Ben A. graduated 2021, Environmental Science Major at UCLA


SWEP has been promoting stewardship in the Tahoe Truckee area since 1994, inspiring impact stories like those of Robyn, Olivia and Ben. We have big plans to continue to diversify programming and connect even more students to the environment & climate issues through bigger, richer and more diverse outdoor experiences, meeting the evolving needs of our community and the environment.

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