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FOREST⇌FIRE - Learning Resources


SWEP’s goal in involving students in FOREST⇌FIRE is to educate local youth about the forests they live in, the forests’ relationship with fire, and the students’ role within that relationship. Through SWEP-led field days that include hands-on science explorations, forest health monitoring, defensible space work, wildfire safety & emergency preparedness, and opportunities to explore FOREST⇌FIRE interpretive art installation students will be empowered to have a voice, make a difference, and be part of the solution to the risk of catastrophic fire and a hopeful future for the forest and the Tahoe-Truckee community.

SWEP and FOREST⇌FIRE partners are excited to announce newly the created learning resources to help students and teachers learn about healthy forests and fire! Both an animated video and a children's book will aid in our above mentioned goal in a fun, interactive way.

Who Needs a Forest Fire? - Children's Book

This beautifully illustrated book highlights the importance of healthy fire for the forest, wildlife and watershed while also reducing the likelihood of a catastrophic fire. This book has three main sections:

  • Story and background building around fire and healthy forests

  • What can we do to have healthy fires and mitigate catastrophic fire

  • Native American practices and background

This book will be used in local educational programs facilitated by SWEP in our 3-year FOREST⇌FIRE educational outreach program about healthy fire. This book also has an accompanying Teaching Handbook available for teachers adding this lesson to their curriculum.

Who Needs a Forest Fire? children's books are available for purchase at Word After Word bookstore in Truckee. For the ebook and free teachers guide please visit

A Fire for All! - Animated Video

This 2-minute introductory video offers a glimpse into forest ecology and fire through animated time-lapse. Students learn why there are megafires in California's Sierra Nevada forests and how to prevent them.

SWEP is grateful to Tahoe Truckee Excellence in Education Foundation for funding this vital 3 year programming and to our other partners that have helped make it all possible such as Tahoe Truckee Community Foundation and Nevada County Arts Council.

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